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29 December 2017

Vasant, The Upcoming Real Estate Project, Features the Most Sumptuous 1 and 2 BHK flats in Pune

BU Bhandari Landmarks have been synonymous with trust and quality for over two decades. They have made a mark in the real estate industry India with their superb professional values, integrity, and reliability. The real estate company in Pune has built some of the ultimate architectural building in every area of Pune ranging from commercial to infrastructural. Having the experience of serving more than 15,000 customers from all over India, BU Bhandari Landmarks has excelled in creating a range of beautiful and unique real estate projects in Pune. 

One of the newest ongoing projects that BU Bhandari Landmarks is working on is Vasant, which is strategically located at Ashok Path in Erandwana, which connects both old and new Pune exceptionally well. Vasant will prove to be a great investment option for every investor and home seeker looking for 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments in Pune. The project’s location and the closeness to the city offer brilliant connectivity and convenience for any commercial establishment. Vasant has a great space for almost every person. Therefore, if you are looking for a strategic location that can give you the peace of mind, Vasant is the place for you.  Though it is located in one of the prime suburban locations of Pune, BU Bhandari Landmarks has not compromised with space. 

The right place and space is undoubtedly a crucial necessity for every person. It decides the type of customers your business will mostly attract; its accessibility will also help your business to create a brand identity. Commercial and residential builders in Pune such as BU Bhandari Landmarks have kept these factor in mind while building the special ongoing project Vasant. Residing in the 1 and 2 BHK apartment in Pune will definitely give you the best satisfaction. Vasant is a place where you are sure to revel in perfect greenery along with the idyllic combination of appealing and contemporary lifestyle. 

Commercial or residential, real estate properties in Pune sell like hotcakes. So if you do not wish to miss the opportunity of securing an ideal place for your business in the prime locations of Pune, contact BU Bhandari Landmarks today. 

BU Bhandari Landmarks is the leading Pune-based Real Estate Development Group. With over 20 years of experience in developing residential and commercial projects in Kharadi, Baner etc. in the suburbs of Pune, we have a diverse portfolio of over 100 completed projects in Pune. Contact us and we would love to help you get the home of your dreams. We are among the leading Real Estate Pune-based companies.
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06 November 2017

Real Estate Companies in Pune Offering Exuberant Real Estate Project Back to Back

The city of Pune is recognized to be the hot spot destinations not only in Maharashtra but also in India in terms of the real estate investment. It is considered to be the second largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. This city is the most growth-oriented state in India where you find the price rates of properties reaching to a new level. However, the strong fact is that few years before this city was almost unknown, but now it has become the most popular city over here. In terms of the finance, this city is recognized to be the career hub. As a matter of fact, a large number of new businesses may be either the national and the multinational companies are seen to prosper in this city with their business opportunities.

Known for its rich heritage, the city of Pune is considered to be a historical city. The estimated population over here is recorded as 7 million and hence is being noticed that investing in Pune properties can thereby bring about a huge profit to the housing companies or the developers in Pune. It is highly recommended that while investing in the properties in Pune, you need to take the help of the well-known builders in Pune that can perfectly guide you in purchasing your property. Hence, choosing the right builder is considered to be one of the essential phenomena that involves the investment of your saving in the real estate market which is determined to be a long-term investment.

As this city is seen to gain a tremendous advancement in both the manufacturing as well as the industrial sectors, a large number of the builders in Pune are seen to highly focusing on constructing the commercial as well as the residential real estate projects in Pune. As the market value of the real estate is having a good resale for the land values, hence almost every real estate company in Pune is continuously looking for the good pieces of land. The real estate market of Pune which was once considered to be sluggish is now recognized to move towards the growth path due to its rapid infrastructure development. Apart from the market growth, a great potential is seen to move towards the suburban Pune especially in Baner, Wakad, Talegaon, Khandala etc. Due to the subdued sales, the builders in Pune have not been able to pass the inflation to the market. The input costs have seen to rise beyond 50%. In order to suit each and every individual, Pune offers property in a wide range and are available right from Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 5 crores and hence every client does have ample choices. Despite being a number of real estate companies in Pune, BU Bhandari Landmarks is one which is known to be the most famous and has earned a tremendous fame in terms of launching completed and ongoing residential projects in Pune.
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21 September 2017

Finding Your Dream Destination Real Estate In Pune

Real estate business has reached the peak of the business cycle these days and does not seem to fluctuate proving it more advantageous to the sellers than the buyers. This scenario can be very well studied while by taking Pune city into consideration. Rapid development and industrialisation have included this vogue city in the rank of metros in India in no time. Buyers are being forced to buy properties in Pune on the outskirts of the city due to the adamant and uncompromising pricing structures created by the builders in Pune. 

Investors are getting attracted towards the real estate market of Pune due to expectations of high returns and a good face value. The builders and developers in Pune have indeed not only stepped into the competition but are all set to make their mark in the property industry with well-equipped resources, refined class and remarkable quality. The features provided in case of property in Pune can easily be compared to the amenities of a designer apartment or a boutique hotel. 

The only factor that annoys and disturbs the middle-class crowd of the city is the rising prices. People are running here are there for finances resulting in the rise of the business of financial institutions. The builders in Pune have a tie up with the banks these days so that their customers do not have to face a problem while arranging for finance. This can be termed as customer service and marketing strategy merged. The best example for this point is the property exhibitions that are held every now and then in the city.

The builders and developers exhibit their current and upcoming real estate projects in Pune in these exhibitions, which prove to be a big advantage to them and the customers. Most of the properties are sold in these exhibitions without any kind of bargaining as the prices are claimed to be discounted and the package, as it is termed is inclusive of all the sundry expenses. This causes a tremendous increase in the profit and the customers can buy the property of their choice. One big advantage of this property exhibition is that it saves time and the customers can see a lot of variety under one roof. There are financial institutions also present so that the procedure becomes much easier. 

Earlier people used to hire real estate agents in order to find the right kind of property that fit their requirements and pay them a certain percentage of commission that would get included in the extra costs. However, due to the improved marketing strategies of the builders, customers do not really find the need to hire agents these days. Agents are of an advantage if you are interested in buying a resale property. Purchasing a resale property is not a simple task and includes a lot of paperwork and thus, hiring an agent, in this case, can be useful. 

Hence, these were the different aspects related to real estate business and purchasing property in Pune. 
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18 July 2017

An Analysis of the Tremendous Growth of Real Estate in Pune

These days, Pune is rapidly becoming a lively Indian city comprised of multi-ethnic people. This city has become one of the hottest destinations in India as a result of a slew of international companies that have turned up in a range of strategic locations. As a matter of fact, the demand for commercial as well as residential projects in Pune has been consistently increasing. The demand for homes and real estate projects in Pune is no not only because of the IT sector. The manufacturing industry in Pune comprised of international names that step up the residential demand on a massive scale. The desire to buy properties in Pune has been in the great interest of people. Be it regular customers or real estate investors, property buyers have great hopes with regards to real estate in Pune. 

Understanding Property Appreciation in Pune:

Real estate development in Pune is rapidly growing to a great extent. It is also offering boundless opportunities to property investors and end users to acquire special profits upon investment. 


Inflation is the tremendous amount of money in the flow. When there is a surplus of money, the value tends to go down. This, in turn, increases the costs of land, labor, construction materials, and legal documents. 

Home Loan Rates

These interest rates have a direct connection to the property appreciation. It is clear that when the home loan interest rates increase, there are few buyers willing to spend their money and hence the requirement for the property significantly slows down. On the flipside, a considerable decrease in the interest rates boosts the chances of affordability and demand to buy the properties.

Demand and Supply of Properties

 In an increased demand for homes, the property prices increase. This demand for purchasing a property drives the real estate investors to sell the property at a profitable rate, causing the property prices in a given location to increase even further.

The investors buy a property only when they are sure of gaining significantly in capital appreciation. However, this phenomenon works great for either owning or buying a property in Pune and not for rental purposes. An appreciation is remarkable only if the property allows a growth in the personal net worth. In that case, Pune flats for sale do not return much profit.

Key Factors to Consider When Flats are for Sale:

Whether you are staging the  1 BHK flat for sale in Kondhwa for sale, a purchase or rent, it is advisable to run a thorough research in the overall property and its technicalities before practically investing your money. People who have shifted from another city or country usually go for flats that are on lease or rent. That way it is affordable to them. Flats in Pune conveniently offer 1 BHK and 2 BHK configurations at moderate prices. Options for low-cost properties are available too, for individuals who do not prefer luxurious homes for a living.

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30 June 2017

The Booming Real Estate Market in Pune

Pune City Overview

Pune earlier referred to as Poona, is one amongst the foremost cities of Western India. Pune is also known popularly dubbed as the "Queen of Deccan". The city is additionally dubbed in totally different names as Automobile Hub, The Oxford of East’, IT Heaven, 'Pensioners Paradise', the culture capital of India. Earlier, it had been the Cycle City, then the two wheeler city and currently the four wheeler city of India. The city is known for having the best education system in India SYMBIOSIS, IIIT, etc.

Integrated townships 

Integrated townships are positively some way ahead, due to the work culture. With the exception of integrated townships, the sheer demand for residential properties in Pune can fuel additional development of purely residential townships. Common areas, verdure, higher managed infrastructure and facilities like gyms, swimming pools and clubhouses can still attract investors from all walks of life.


IT/ITES corporations across India to evaluate how Pune and numerous locations in Pune fare against nationwide competition, Hinjewadi and Wagholi were found to be among the foremost town destinations for Pune in recent years. Mumbai-Pune expressway can be considered as a reason for this. The marvellous growth that Hinjewadi has seen in 2005 has triggered off growth in nearby areas like Wakad and Baner that were earlier considered as villages even after being neighbors of Aundh.  You can look forward to buying 1 and 2 BHK home in Wakad Pune at very affordable price rates considering that you will get improved ROI sooner or later.

The IT/ITES boom, not to mention, sturdy economic indicators, is fuelling growth within the residential realty sector. Native residents, professionals migrate to the city further because the investors wanting a pie of the profits are pushing the envelope of demand and supply forward.


These days, several new and ongoing residential projects in Pune were being planned everywhere in the city; however, the Eastern and Western Corridor are witnessing the most number of activities. There are several integrated townships within the pipeline for each of these areas. Consumers, who have already got an excellent deal to decide on from, an additional there, will be a profit within the returning year.


The uptake of the residential development is certainly superb. The majority of the residential real estate projects in Pune are being sold. Dead stock and inventory have gone down considerably in the last 3 quarters.


Demand is also keeping pace with the provision. Purchasers are considering real estate as a very important instrument in their investment portfolio. The demand for properties in India is there not just for the moderately priced middle category housing, however there is additionally an incredible demand for top worth premium housing.
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08 May 2017

Find Newly Luxury 2BHK Homes in Wakad Pune

In today's life where real estate is the buzzword of the country and undoubtedly the most developed business of the present time, to own a property or a house has become a constantly growing trend. The two things that anyone seeking for a house looks for in the very first place are the location of the house and the amenities available in the locale. It's not unknown that Pune is one of the most industrially developed cities in of India, and many of us do aspire to live in the city. If you are also one of them, BU Bhandari Landmarks has some of the upcoming projects in Pune that are going to give you lifestyle goals and you'll crave to have that lifestyle they provide you.

In the present times, most of the professionals, especially our youth are aspiring to have homes of their own, so 2 BHK home in Wakad Pune is the best one you can opt for to have a taste of luxurious lifestyle in the city with the lavishes of the locality and the apartment.

2 BHK home in Wakad Pune

There are yet another group of people we can't forget to take into account, those looking out there for spaces and buildings to set up their offices at locations which are as spectacular as anything, like no other place could be alike. For them, there's much more BU Bhandari Landmarks have to avail. There are Na plots in Ambarwadi which are just perfect to set up commercial buildings and the location is equally amazing with all the facilities available in the nearest distances. There's yet another commercial building that has great opportunities and most suitable for office location, the property in Pune Shirwal.

So those of you who are aspiring to have their own homes or are up to setting up their new offices, I would strongly recommend them to look up for BU Bhandari Landmarks because they understand you and your expectations completely and they try every bit as possible to make every of their projects available to you in a form they would want to have for their own.

So do not waste another minute in taking another step in the way of your success...Go and look up for BU Bhandari Landmarks and if in doubt, see it for yourself if it is worth all the effort. Because it's not just your dream, it's their own. So, contact us!
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02 May 2017

Eligible Commercial Projects in Baner Pune

The rise of the real estate market in a very less time is not unattended. That real estate market is the most developed one in today's time is no less than a bang on. India has also developed so much in the development market in the past few years. Besides that, India has thousands and lakhs of cities and a very large population of billions, Pune is one of the most developed cities of the country. The city has developed a lot in the information technology IT sector in the recent times and it will be no surprise that the city is in great demand in terms of settlements and industries. One appropriate reason for the rising demand of residences in the city is its popularity for being the hub of hundreds of business firms and secondly, for being a house to many popular educational institutions located in the city. The third reason is the climate of the city that remains moderate throughout the year due to its location near the sea.

To meet the demands of these houses in the city, the real estate market has many ongoing and completed projects in Pune. In the real estate market, as it is apparent that the city holds a really large population in the centre, the areas such as Kondhwa, Shirwal, Baner and Talegaon are in great demand.

A large proportion of our youth aspires to shift to Pune to carry out their further studies or for recruitment purposes as the city is one of the largest IT sectors of the country. If you have also chosen Pune, 1 bhk flat for salein Kondhwa is a worthy option. Secondly, for those who are planning to invest for their offices in the city, na plots in Shirwal Pune and commercial projects in Baner Pune are great future opportunities.

To choose it as your dream city, Pune is not a bad option all. In fact, it is better than the rest and a bit ahead of the curve for education is the most demanded need of the hour and the city is the most developed one in the aspect. Also, the city employs a large proportion of the youth of the country. So the real estate market of Pune is on a surge. So, think about your future with the help of this great company and choose best for yourself. Buy now! Offers are limited for customers.
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